Make:Kit Air:Bit

£128.00 Inc VAT

Build a quadcopter from scratch and learn about electronics, batteries, motors and propellers.

Code using MakeCode Blocks, Javascript or Python or download a ready-made program.

Fly your drone intuitively using the motion sensor on a smartphone, tablet or another Micro:Bit.

Expand with collision sensor, camera, a smart glove, buzzer and many other add on projects (sensor kit required)

Visit for inspiration, upgrades and resources.

Micro:bit not included

What’s so great about Air:Bit?

Air:Bit combines the micro:bits ease of use with the excitement of a drone. It is the world’s first-ever developed micro:bit drone, combining the relevant skills for mastering the future of technology. It is a STEAM learning kit, which will engange students with a more practical and creative way of learning. It is fully repairable and withstands a lot of crashes. The best of all – it is affordable comparing to other drones.

What is STEAM-education?

STEAM-education is the next generation of education. Focusing on those 5 letters,
S – Science, T – Technology, E – Engineering, A – Art and M – Mathematics,
it investigates scientific concepts through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in creative processes. With the opportunity to learn in a creative way and using 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, students develop capabilities that are crucial to growing a future-ready workforce.

Add a camera

With the Air:bit, it’s possible to add a camera. This way you can use the Air:bit to take pictures and even do FPV flights.