Swivl Expand Lens Mini

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Same great professional quality wide-angle-lens as on the Expand Lens for iPad, but with a universal clip so that it works with any device in the classroom.

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The Expand Lens mini is the ideal multi platform accessory for SWIVL.

Its unique, patent pending design brings a wide angle view to your front facing camera.



>  For students: A great addition to any 1:1 iPad classroom. Bring student teamwork into Skype, Facetime, or Hangout sessions. Use it with Swivl Practice app for developing reading, writing and drawing skills. Or use it with the Recap app, by Swivl, to make video responses and reflections more effective and natural.

>  For teachers: Use it on its own or in combination with the Swivl Robot and the Swivl Practice app for capturing video in class for reflection and coaching. Great for expanding the field of view to capture student interactions.

>  For consumers: Transforms any video chat or conference into a group activity that instantly feels more natural. Works great with Skype, Facetime or Hangouts to expand the conversation to more people and include desktop items like documents and notebooks in the conversation.



>  140 degrees HD wide-angle lens increases your field of view by 2.5x for group calling or capturing videos.